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Trefloyne Manor

Trefloyne Manor is a 15th-century country manor situated in Ritec Valley, just outside Tenby (SW Wales). With

Location: Trefloyne Manor, Trefloyne Ln, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: 01834 842165

Tenby (SW Wales) House

Located in the heart of Tenby (SW Wales) and inside Tenby (SW Wales)'s historic town walls is Tenby (SW Wales) House. This property

Location: Tenby (SW Wales) House Hotel, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: https://www.Tenby (SW Wales) 01834 842000

Taormina Guest House

Situated only 200 yards from Tenby (SW Wales) beach, Taormina Guest House offers a modern guest house offering

Location: Taormina Guest House, Victoria Street, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: 01834 842694

The Strathmore

The Strathmore is a 6-bed B&B that offers comfortable and cozy rooms, within a few minutes walk

Location: The Strathmore, Victoria Street, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: 01834 842323

The Southcliff

The Southcliff is a B&B located only one street away from one of Tenby (SW Wales)'s beaches. This historic

Location: The Southcliff, Victoria Street, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: 01834 842410

OYO Timothy's

OYO Timothy's is situated just outside the historic town wall of Tenby (SW Wales). Due to its location in the

Location: Saint Teresa's, South Parade, Tenby (SW Wales), UKWebsite: 01834 844963