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Trefloyne Manor

Trefloyne Manor is a 15th-century country manor situated in Ritec Valley, just outside Tenby (SW Wales). With

Tenby (SW Wales) House

Located in the heart of Tenby (SW Wales) and inside Tenby (SW Wales)'s historic town walls is Tenby (SW Wales) House. This property

Taormina Guest House

Situated only 200 yards from Tenby (SW Wales) beach, Taormina Guest House offers a modern guest house offering

The Strathmore

The Strathmore is a 6-bed B&B that offers comfortable and cozy rooms, within a few minutes walk

The Southcliff

The Southcliff is a B&B located only one street away from one of Tenby (SW Wales)'s beaches. This historic

OYO Timothy's

OYO Timothy's is situated just outside the historic town wall of Tenby (SW Wales). Due to its location in the


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