Caldey Island

Caldey Island

If you’re visiting Tenby (SW Wales) to explore, Caldey Island is a location that you have to make time to visit. Lived on by the Monks of Caldey Abbey, the island is accessible from Saturday 13th April to Friday 11th October, and then re-opens from Monday 21st October to Thursday 31st October.

Caldey Island is only accessible via boat, although one person has tried to drive there before! If you make your way down to Tenby (SW Wales) Harbour, you will see a few different boat providers offering tickets for them to bring you over. Departing times will vary throughout the day, so you can pick the time that is most suitable for yourself. However, please remember to note down the time that the boats come back, as you don’t want to end up stranded on Caldey Island.

Caldey Island has a variety of churches on the island for you to explore, most notably the Abbey Church where the monks actually carry our their seven daily services. Another favourite location on the island is the lighthouse, which is a great place to take a picture with views over the never-ending sea.

For the more adventurous people, there is a marked cliff path that takes you around the island. A lot of wildlife is on and around Caldey Island so this is a great way to see them. If you go on the right day, you may also be able to spot the Atlantic Grey Seals that often sit upon the islands rocks.

Please note that due to weather conditions the opening dates/times may change last minute. Dogs are allowed on the island as long as they’re well behaved. It’s always important to remember the island is the home of the monks living there, so please respect this.